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News & Announcements

Introducing Box’s New Discount Program for Nonprofits

We’re excited to announce our latest technology donor partner, Box! Box is a cloud platform that helps you securely store, share and manage all your company's files. From file-sharing to content management to collaboration, Box can help your nonprofit do more with your content.

Citrix introduces new technology discount program for members!

Exciting news! Citrix is offering a second discounted technology program for eligible charities, nonprofits and libraries. The Expanded Eligibility Program provides access to a 50% discount on a one-year subscription for new GoToWebinar and/or GoToAssist users at Citrix's current rates.

April Fools! TechSoup Canada's Instant Viral Fundraising Kit

Would you like to raise millions of dollars on social media, with little to no effort? Great news - the Instant Viral Fundraising Kit is now available as a donation for nonprofits and charities in Canada! The Instant Viral Fundraising Kit provides you and your staff with all the elements of a successful viral marketing campaign, so you too can raise millions in a matter of minutes.

New to TechSoup Canada: Autodesk Design Suites

We're proud to announce our newest donor partner, Autodesk! Autodesk's advanced design software can be used to design buildings, infrastructure, products, entertainment content, and more. Autodesk is perhaps best known for its computer-aided design (CAD) software, AutoCAD.

Intuit expands eligibility for faith-based organizations

Good news! Intuit has expanded the eligibility for their popular accounting software, QuickBooks, to include faith-based organizations that were previously ineligible! As you may know, we work hard with our donor partners to open eligibility to as many groups as possible, so we are delighted to be expanding Intuit eligibility to faith-based organizations.

Google for Nonprofits is Now Available in Canada!

Exciting news -- Google has launched Google for Nonprofits in Canada! As of June 9th 2014, Canadian Registered Charities, Canadian Federal Nonprofits, and Canadian Provincial Nonprofits can now apply to join the program, which offers access to Google’s suite of free products and tools.

Get the Latest Office Suite

Are you tired of receiving software updates? Do you want keep your IT costs low? Would you like to be able to work on your daily tasks without worrying about your power supply? Great news - the Antique Office Suite donations program is now available for nonprofits and charities in Canada.

Time tested and true, the Antique Office Suite offers two essential back-office hardware: a typewriter and abacus. Antique Office is designed to make tasks as simple as possible so you can focus on your organization's mission.

Office 365 Nonprofit is available for charities and nonprofits in Canada!

Would you like to be able to access email and files on the go, work with staff and volunteers at different locations, and keep your IT costs down? Good news - Office 365, one of the leading solutions for bringing your back office to the cloud, have donated and discount plans for nonprofits and charities in Canada.

Get Genuine Program: Full Operating System Versions Now Available

As part of the recent updates to the Microsoft Software Donation Program, Microsoft made donations of full versions of its Windows operating systems available through the Microsoft Get Genuine program.