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Zoom Meetings Pro Plan Bundle, 1-Year Subscription – Access to Discounted Rates

Admin Fee: $91.00
SKU: G-50708


Your organization will benefit from this offer most if you need at least two hosts or if you want to use add-ons. See the Details and Service Costs section for more information.

The Zoom Meetings Pro Plan combines video and audio conferencing, simple online meetings, and group messaging into one platform. Zoom meetings run on mobile and desktop devices and in hardware-equipped conference rooms. A meeting can have one host and up to 100 participants. All participants can be on video. Optional add-ons provide for larger meetings, expanded audio, expanded cloud recording, room connector software, and webinar tools. They can be added at any time during the subscription year.

This offer provides access to a 50 percent discount on a one-year subscription for new subscribers for up to nine hosts.

Important information: After you request this offer and pay TechSoup Canada's administrative fee, you'll also pay Zoom $74.95 USD per host for the discounted subscription. Add-ons are also discounted at 50 percent over and above the cost of the meeting plan. See the Details and Service Costs section below for more information.

If you need more than nine hosts, request this related product.

Benefits for Organizations

You can use Zoom Meetings to

  • Connect local and remote team members
  • Meet with colleagues, partners, donors, volunteers, and constituents
  • Train employees or populations served

Major Capabilities

  • High-quality video and audio: You can stream video at up to 720p.
  • Screen sharing: Any participant can share a screen with the group. The host can choose to allow multiple participants to share their screens simultaneously. You can co-annotate shared screens.
  • Recording: You can record meetings in MP4 (video), M4A (audio) and text (chat) formats. You can save them locally or, at an extra cost for more than 1 GB, to the Zoom Cloud.
  • Mobile features: You can schedule, start, join, and share screens on mobile devices.
  • Scheduling from Outlook and Chrome: With free plug-ins, you can schedule meetings directly from Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar.
  • Optional Add-ons:
    • Zoom Video Webinars: Up to 50 panellists with polling, practice sessions, and more
    • Zoom Rooms: Software for conducting and managing Zoom Meetings in conference rooms that are equipped with off-the-shelf hardware
    • Zoom H.323/SIP Connector: Software for conducting Zoom Meetings in conference rooms that are equipped with hardware that meets the H.323 or SIP standards
    • Audio conferencing options: Global toll-free numbers; calling phones when a meeting starts; dedicated dial-in number; web interface to manage participants in pure conference calls; integration with third-party teleconferencing services
    • Large meetings: Expansion to 500 participants
    • Cloud recording: Storage of 100 GB, 500 GB, or 3 TB of recorded meetings

Learn more about Zoom's website.


Zoom customer support includes free 24/7/365 email and chat assistance, on-demand and live training, and a detailed knowledge base.

Choose Carefully

The administrative fee for this product is not refundable, and the product cannot be exchanged.

Obtaining This Product

When TechSoup Canada approves your donation request, we will send a message to your organization email address with instructions for obtaining and activating this product.

Details and Service Costs

Start Date Your one-year subscription begins on the date the product request is approved, not the date the account is set up.
Discounted Rates

This offer provides access to a 50 percent discount on a one-year subscription at Zoom's current rates. You can purchase subscriptions for up to nine hosts. After you request this offer and pay TechSoup Canada's administrative fee, you'll also pay Zoom $74.95 USD per host for the discounted subscription.

The discounted subscription allows each licensed host to hold an unlimited number of online meetings for one year. Each meeting can have up to 100 participants.

Discounted Rates on Additional Services

This offer provides access to a 50 percent discount on add-ons at Zoom's current rates. You can add additional services at any time in the subscription year. Annual charges will be prorated for partial years. You will pay the following amounts to Zoom.

  • Zoom Video Webinars (annual):
    • 100 participants: $200 USD per host
    • 500 participants: $700 USD per host
    • 1,000 participants: $1,700 USD per host
    • 3,000 participants: $4,950 USD per host
    • 5,000 participants: $12,450 USD per host
    • 10,000 participants: $32,450 USD per host
  • Zoom Rooms (annual): $249.50 USD per room
  • Zoom H.323/SIP Connector (annual): $249.50 USD per port
  • Audio conferencing options (monthly): $50 per month
  • Large meetings (annual):
    • 500 participants: $600 USD per host
  • Cloud Recording(monthly):
    • 100 GB: $20 USD per month
    • 500 GB: $50 USD per month
    • 3 TB: $250 USD per month
One-Year Prepaid Service Contract Required You must agree to pay Zoom in advance for a one-year, nonrefundable service contract. See Zoom's terms of service.
Continuing Service After One Year

To continue access to Zoom Meetings Pro Plan Bundle after the initial year of your subscription ends, you will need to place a new request on the TechSoup Canada site to reconfirm your organization's eligibility for the program. If you do not reconfirm your eligibility in time or are no longer eligible, Zoom will convert your subscription to the full retail price.

TechSoup Canada and Zoom will send you reminders before your subscription is set to expire. The reminders will tell you about the actions you can take to renew or end your subscription. Renewal will involve paying the admin fee for another year's subscription.

Existing Subscribers Ineligible You can request this offer only if you do not already have a paid Zoom subscription.
Previewing Zoom Meetings Zoom offers a full-featured Basic Plan for free with unlimited meetings. The Basic Plan has a 40-minute time limit on meetings with three or more total participants.
Credit Card Required Zoom requires a valid credit card number to pay for your discounted service.


See Zoom Meetings system requirements: