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Meet the Team


The crazy cat lady

Executive Director

As one of the founders of TechSoup Canada, Jane has been part of the organization since its launch in 2009. As Executive Director, Jane builds relationships between the voluntary, public, and private sectors to make technology more accessible for charity and nonprofits. She has extensive experience in the IT field, as well as the nonprofit sector; in particular she's both founded and acted in a leadership role in nonprofit organizations aimed at helping to bridge the digital divide. In her free time, you can find Jane playing video games, running half marathons and hanging out with her cats.


"Too cool for school"

Senior Manager, Operations

Chris is responsible for ensuring nonprofits have a positive experience when working with TechSoup Canada. With a proud background in customer service and various types of fundraising, Chris is passionate about helping others to make the world a better place. Outside of TechSoup Canada, Chris can be found playing softball, reading comic books, or on a leisurely bicycle ride.


Glorious Gloria

Accounts Manager

Gloria is responsible for helping organizations with any problems they have regarding the donations program, saving them some time and stress. Gloria has a degree in Health Sciences, with extensive experience in customer experience and volunteering with social justice movements. Outside of work, you can find Gloria exploring the streets (and food!) of Toronto, lost in good books or passionately pinning inspiration on Pinterest.


Pets are like pokemon - gotta catch them all

Communications Manager
[On Leave]

Joyce manages TechSoup Canada's marketing and communication initiatives including member engagement, learning resources, branding, community partnerships, outreach and product campaigns. Having previously worked in the charitable sector as a fundraiser, program staff and event planner, Joyce understands firsthand how technology can empower or hinder nonprofits. She has a deep love for the world of philanthropy and seeks to help nonprofits be more efficient and effective with technology. In her free time, you can find Joyce playing with her puppy and bunny, and indulging in RPGs.


An empty bowl - how deep

Accounts Manager

Lautaro provides front-line support to TechSoup Canada members as they navigate our donations program. He was born in Chile but fled to Quebec as a political refugee after the coup in 1973. In every place he has called home, Lautaro has been an activist and an artist working toward justice, democracy, and community development. Lautaro brings a wealth of IT industry experience to this role. Outside of work, you'll find Lautaro playing futbol and spending time with his family -- together they cook, rockclimb, and fight for social justice. 


Warm smiles

Systems Specialist

Maryam helps TechSoup stay afloat as the systems matriarch to ensure that TechSoup Canada runs as smoothly as possible. She does this by providing technical support, performing systems administration, and keeping members’ information secure. In other words, if a computer catches on fire, she’ll be the one ready to extinguish it! Maryam also helps members through the qualification process and provides support for navigating TechSoup’s donations programs. With experience in education and finance, Maryam’s goal is to help lower the barriers to success for charities and nonprofits. Outside of work, Maryam enjoys working on her multilingualism, dreaming of being a duck specialist, and imagining she is a poet.


Slow jam Fridays

Senior Manager, Program & Partnerships

Yael's mission at TechSoup is to make sure that nonprofits understand and make the most of the donations program and other resources available. He has an extensive background in customer service, marketing and graphic design. Yael studied International Trade at the University of Portsmouth. In his free time, you can find Yael rock climbing, video editing and experimenting with stuff.


Forever hopeful

Executive Mascot

Our dream has always been to help those of us restrained by something outside of our control. In your case, that might be your budget; in Katsumoto’s case, it’s the bowl. That’s why we made him our mascot. Also, he’s orange.

We're also a program of the Centre for Social Innovation. Meet our CSI team here!