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The Nonprofit's Guide to Google Analytics Dashboards

Analytics for nonprofits

Building a custom intelligence dashboard in Google Analytics can be a powerful way to track and monitor your organization’s successes and areas for potential improvements. Dashboards provide snapshots of need-to-know metrics related to your business. They also usually include features that allow you to dive deeper into the statistics and study them.

Visualizing Impact: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Data Sets

Visualizing Impact Case StudyTechSoup Canada member Visualizing Impact (VI) is a pioneer in the field of visual storytelling. This case study on VI offers lessons about using data to tell visual stories that compel real action. 

Using QuickBooks to Ensure Your Nonprofit Is Audit-proof

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In this webinar, Bob Wang and Jean Elwell of Legacy Advantage share some guidance on how to run an audit-proof nonprofit. In the presentation they focus specifically on QuickBooks (desktop version available through TechSoup Canada's product catalogue), but many of their insights and best practices are applicable to any accounting system.

Vos obligations en matière de sauvegarde et de destruction de renseignements personnels

Saving & destroying data thumbDans notre précédent article, nous avons abordé de manière sommaire les obligations des organismes à but non lucratif relativement à la collecte et à l’utilisation des renseignements personnels. Nous avons aussi survolé la question de la sauvegarde de l’information en précisant que vous avez l’obligation de maintenir vos dossiers à jour et d’en assurer la sécurité. Mais qu'est-ce que cela implique dans les faits ? Pour répondre à cette question, nous étudierons les principes que prévoit la Loi sur la protection des renseignements personnels et les documents électroniques (la « Loi ») et qui s’appliquent sur le plan fédéral en matière de sauvegarde et de destruction de l’information.

Fight for privacy and secure your mail with Tutanota

All nonprofits manage sensitive data, from donor information to employment records. Some organizations, however, work with data that requires an extra layer of privacy and protection. For example, if a political advocacy group, human rights organization, or nonprofit that help people escape domestic violence were to have its data compromised, the consequences could be life-or-death.

Finding Meaning in the Numbers: Making Data-Informed Decisions Across Your Organization

Data can be a tremendous asset in pursuing your nonprofit's mission. Tracking and analyzing vital data yields insights that can help you improve your work, make better decisions, and become more accountable to stakeholders. However, having the right systems in place is only part of the equation -- without a culture of data-informed decision making, your efforts are likely to fall short.

In this webinar, TechSoup Canada's Ben Losman shines a light on the emotional factors in building a data-informed decision making culture, integrated data strategies, the daily data journey, and practical dashboard tools. 

Secure, backup and restore your data with O&O Software

Want to optimize the performance of your Windows computers? Or ensure that your organization’s data is securely backed up? We’ve got you covered with our latest donor partner, O&O Software! O&O is an award-winning Windows software that provides tools for PC optimization, data security, data recovery, backup, secure data deletion, remote IT assistance and system administration

Design, Create, and Inspire with Adobe Creative Cloud

TechSoup Canada est heureux de présenter deux nouvelles formules au programme de dons Adobe : la Formule Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps. Vous pouvez désormais partager votre histoire à travers divers médias à l’aide d’Adobe Creative Cloud !

Adobe Photoshop Elements vs. Photoshop

Vous avez du mal à faire votre choix entre la simplicité rationalisée de Photoshop Elements et la collection complète de Photoshop CC ? Ce guide peut vous aider à choisir.

6 Design Principles to Improve the Look of Your Nonprofit Website

Even the most amazing tools can be used to create a website that is difficult to navigate and unpleasant to look at. For nonprofits, having a functional and easy-to-use website is of utmost importance to gain and maintain the trust of your donors, beneficiaries, and anyone else invested in your mission. Apply these design principles to make your site look sleek and professional.