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3 Social Media Fundraising Challenges (+How to Fix Them)

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A lot of nonprofits use social media to boost their fundraising efforts, but more often than not it doesn’t work. What gives?

The problem lies in nonprofits treating social media like any other traditional fundraising channel, such as direct mail, telemarketing and door-to-door fundraising. Nonprofits need to understand that social media fundraising poses its own unique challenges.

HootSuite’s case study on the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada (LLSC) covers common challenges nonprofits face when it comes to social media fundraisng and how to fix them.

Here are three key considerations that can help your nonprofit successfully integrate social media with your fundraising campaigns:

Challenge #1: Too Many Social Media Channels

Solution: Use a dashboard tool to organize your accounts

As LLSC is very active on Facebook and Twitter, they use HootSuite, a social media dashboard tool, to organize and oversee their communications channels. HootSuite allows LLSC to manage their Facebook and Twitter accounts and contribute content to each of their social media profiles without leaving the dashboard.

For more social media dashboard options, here’s a list of 10 dashboard tools by DashBurst.

Challenge #2: Duplicate Social Media Profiles

Solution: Create official profiles and assign and train staff to manage them

LLSC found themselves with a number of Facebook and Twitter profiles that were created by eager and dedicated supporters. To combat the confusion, LLSC created official Twitter and Facebook profiles for their main office and regional chapters, and assigned them to staff and volunteers. LLSC provided staff and volunteers with proper social media training (with the help of HootSuite’s Social Media Coaches) before giving them full access to their communication channels.

Challenge #3: Diluted Messaging

Solution: Have a coordinated social media strategy across all channels (online and offline)

LLSC’s most popular fundraising event is the Light The Night walk. Like many charities with flagship fundraisers, Light the Night is nationally renowned but the charity behind them isn’t. In order to tie their signature event back to their cause, LLSC planned a coordinated national campaign, “Light The Night on World Cancer Day”, and used HootSuite to execute it.

This meant an alignment in their Facebook and Twitter strategies, such as Facebooktimeline posts and cover photos, posters, and Twitter hashtags (#LightTheNight4WCD) across all their chapters. The consistent branding across LLSC’s social media channels have boosted Light the Night walk’s 2014 registration by 900%.


Check out the original case study for more details!

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