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Amazon Web Services Expands Eligibility to Education-Oriented Nonprofits!

Cloud Computing

Exciting news -- if your nonprofit works within the field of education, you may now be eligible for Amazon Web Services (AWS)! AWS has expanded the eligibility requirements for its Donations Program, meaning that more nonprofits will now have access to its comprehensive suite of cloud-based computing services. 

Is my organization now eligible for AWS?

You'll now be eligible for AWS if you qualify for the donations program. You can check your eligibility status by logging in, clicking "My Account," and then clicking on the "My Organization" tab.

AWS qualification

Please refer to AWS Program Details for more information.

My organization is now eligible -- what do I need to know?

  • Quantity:
    • Organizations may request one initial grant of US$2,000 in AWS credits within the lifetime of the organization.
    • Organizations may request one renewal grant in this program within a fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).
  • Budget:
    • Organizations with annual operating budgets of any size are eligible to request products in this program.
  • Nonprofits and libraries only:
    • This donation is available only to Canadian Registered Charities registered with the Canada Revenue Agency, Canadian nonprofits incorporated either provincially or at the federal level, and public libraries.

What is the Amazon Free Tier?

In addition to the AWS Credits Program for Nonprofits, AWS offers the AWS Free Tier for all new customers for 12 months following the organization's sign-up date. The AWS Free Tier is a separate offer from the AWS Credits Program and allows new customers to use certain AWS services for free up to certain usage limits. The AWS Free Tier is available for one AWS account only per organization.

AWS recommends that potential grant recipients sign up for the AWS Free Tier before they request this offer. Note that receiving AWS credits will not reset the 12-month duration of the AWS Free Tier.

In most situations, organizations will use both the AWS Credits Program for Nonprofits and the AWS Free Tier. This combination can help organizations leverage AWS's cloud infrastructure on a pay-as-you-go basis to host websites and fundraising software, store and analyze data, and develop new systems.

Still have questions? Check out our AWS FAQ page. 

Not registered with TechSoup Canada, but think you are eligible for AWS?

The first step is to register with TechSoup Canada, which is free and simple. Once we have processed your registration, we will let you know if you qualify for the AWS program.

Registering will also give you access to discounts and donations from more than 30 other donor partners, including office productivity suites, graphics design software, accounting packages and security programs.

Find out how the donations program works for organizations like yours.