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Reporting & Dashboards

Tableau élargit l'admissibilité pour inclure plus d'organismes à but non lucratif !

Tableau a élargi l'admissibilité à leur programme de dons de logiciel Tableau Desktop et Tableau Prep Builder pour inclure les organismes qui n'étaient pas admissibles auparavant! Comme vous le savez peut-être, TechSoup travaille dur avec les partenaires de don pour ouvrir l'admissibilité à autant de groupes que possible, nous sommes donc ravis d'étendre l'admissibilité du programme de don Tableau à tous les organismes à but non lucratif qualifiés.

Google Analytics 101: Track the Right Data to Unlock Your Nonprofit Website

Google Analytics for Nonprofits Webinar Your website tells a powerful story about your nonprofit’s supporters and donors. Google Analytics (a part of your Google Suite for Nonprofits) is key to unlocking that story and driving action, but you need to ask the right questions.

Finding Meaning in the Numbers: Making Data-Informed Decisions Across Your Organization

Data can be a tremendous asset in pursuing your nonprofit's mission. Tracking and analyzing vital data yields insights that can help you improve your work, make better decisions, and become more accountable to stakeholders. However, having the right systems in place is only part of the equation -- without a culture of data-informed decision making, your efforts are likely to fall short.

In this webinar, TechSoup Canada's Ben Losman shines a light on the emotional factors in building a data-informed decision making culture, integrated data strategies, the daily data journey, and practical dashboard tools. 

Choosing the Right Budgeting Software Solution for Nonprofits

It’s tough sometimes to stay on point with so many factors competing for your attention on a daily basis – but processes are what support the very foundation of your work. One of the most critical decisions you can make is selecting the right budgeting software solution ‘out of the gate.’

Visualize your data with Tableau

Tableau is an award-winning software that specializes in making databases and spreadsheets understandable to ordinary people. Used by more than 29,000 companies worldwide across every industry, Tableau is not only powerful, but extremely user-friendly. You can use Tableau to produce and share visual representations of any data your organization collects!

Your Nonprofit Needs a Wiki: How to Revitalize Your Knowledge Management

Does your nonprofit have turnover in volunteers or staff that sometimes results in lost organizational knowledge? Do you have remote staff or volunteers emailing each other for basic instructions or process guidelines? Does onboarding new staff or volunteers take time because instructions can be hard to remember or documentation becomes easily outdated?

TechSoup Battles: Jane's review of Zoho Reports

This review is part of the Jane vs Tierney series. Find out what it's all about and check out our previous challenges on email newsletters, online event registration, document collaboration and team project management. This review is part of our fifth challenge, on dashboard tools.

TechSoup Battles: The Team Project Management Challenge

Everyone seems to be talking about data these days. As any nonprofit will know if they’ve started down the road to being data-informed, it’s a long journey of taking baby steps, experimenting with new approaches and changing organizational culture - but it’s also one that can yield great results on both a day-to-day basis and in the longer term.

L'analyse de données à la portée de tous !

Il existe de nombreux outils dédiés à l'analyse de données : certains sont extrêmement sophistiqués, et d'autres sont plutôt simples à utiliser et à configurer. Si vous êtes prêt à entreprendre un tout petit effort pour prendre de meilleures décisions à l'aide de vos données, il vous suffit juste de vous replonger dans une bonne vieille feuille de calcul.

Demonstrating Value: Expressing Your Organization's Success

Take control of your nonprofit’s data and communicate its value effectively

By: Demonstrating Value

April 2, 2012