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Graphic Design

The Designer’s Toolbox: Becoming Familiar with Canva

Today we explore the world of Canva, a graphic design platform that can be used to create all manner of visual content, from social media graphics to presentations and lots more.

The Designer’s Toolbox: Getting Creative with Adobe Spark

 We look at an accessible way to create visual stories using Adobe Spark, a one-stop shop for creating and sharing visual content across many formats.

The Designer’s Toolbox: Becoming Familiar with Adobe

In this post, we explore hands-on tools to help your nonprofit create and share original designs using the Adobe suite. Whether for business or for storytelling, the products in Adobe’s extensive catalogue are a great way to connect content and data in dynamic, accessible, and creative ways.

Design for Non-Designers: Crafting a Brand Narrative

Good design is unmistakably intuitive, captivating, and compelling. It is also deceptively simple: the more impactful a good design is, the more work usually goes behind the scenes to streamline its presentation. In fact, this is arguably where the magic of good design lies: taking complex ideas and turning them into accessible and evocative calls to action.

6 Free Tools for Your Marketing and Communications Team

ThumbnailIn this blog post, we share free tools that can help your marketing and communications team create beautiful designs. These browser-based tools come ready with pre-made templates that you can easily customize, and a plethora of stock photos and graphics in their library.

Some Free (and Freemium) PDF Editing Software for Nonprofits

Adobe Acrobat Alternatives We’ve done the research for you and rounded up great suggestions for image and document-related programs. This four-part blog post series will cover these four types of applications: PDF editing software, publishing and typesetting software, vector editing software, and finally, photo editing software. We’ll share two options for each product: one advanced application for the designer pros, and one easy-to-use option for the novices and “aspiring” designers.

Blogging Tools that Save Me Hours Every Day

Blogging Tools to Save HoursA great blog can help your nonprofit connect with stakeholders, generate funding, and influence public opinion. However, it takes time and energy to craft posts that will resonate with your readers, and those are resources in short supply for many nonprofits. Having been a blogger for years, I’ve found ways to shave down the amount of time it takes to prep, publish, and share my posts. Here are some of the tools I use that can help save you hours every day. 

Design, Create, and Inspire with Adobe Creative Cloud

TechSoup Canada est heureux de présenter deux nouvelles formules au programme de dons Adobe : la Formule Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps. Vous pouvez désormais partager votre histoire à travers divers médias à l’aide d’Adobe Creative Cloud !

Adobe Photoshop Elements vs. Photoshop

Vous avez du mal à faire votre choix entre la simplicité rationalisée de Photoshop Elements et la collection complète de Photoshop CC ? Ce guide peut vous aider à choisir.

Les Gagnants du concours La fête de la créativité avec Adobe !

Le concours Adobe: La Fête De La Créativité a invité les organismes sans but lucratif, les organismes de bienfaisance et les bibliothèques canadiens à présenter leurs projets les plus créatifs qui ont été conçus grâce à n'importe quel programme Adobe. La communauté a ensuite voté pour les soumissions qu'ils croyaient les plus créatives et inspirantes, et nous avons été incroyablement impressionnés par les résultats !