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Operating Systems

TechSoup Canada Case Study: North Kootenay Lake Community Services Society

North Kootenay Lake Community Services SocietyNorth Kootenay Lake Community Services Society is a nonprofit, multi-service organization that responds to local needs, serving members of the community at all ages and stages. Their programs and services range from activities for kids to parent support, outreach and counselling, a food cupboard and an emergency call button for elderly or ill people living alone. For the Society, keeping technology up to date is more than a matter of efficiency; it’s an important part of protecting their clients.

How to Format a Hard Drive in Windows 10/8/7

There are many reasons why we need to format a hard drive. For example, you may have bought a new computer and would like to give your old hard drive to a friend or colleague, and as a result, you need to format the hard drive to protect your privacy. Or perhaps your PC got infected with malware or a virus, rendering your hard drive  inaccessible, and Windows says it needs formatting to access. Or, you installed a new drive, it needs to be formatted before we can use it. The reasons to format are plenty!

Fin du soutien de Windows Vista et d’Office 2007

Le 11 avril 2017 Microsoft mettra fin au
support de Windows Vista, ainsi que de la
target="_blank">Suite Office 2007. Cela signifie que les produits Vista et Office 2007 ne recevront plus de correctifs de sécurité ni mises à jour de contenu

How Providing Access to Technology Helps the John Howard Society of Durham Region Connect with their Community

John Howard Society of Durham Region ThumbnailIt’s easy to assume everyone has access to the Internet in a first-world country like Canada, but in reality 17 per cent of Canadian households don’t have internet at home – including 58 per cent of households with incomes of $30 000 or less.

That’s millions of Canadians falling behind in the digital age where almost every aspect of our lives is tied to the Internet, including a vital one: employment.

Should You Upgrade to Windows 8? Questions to Consider

Windows 8.1
offers some new features that may help your staff's productivity as
well as the performance and longevity of your organization's computers.
To help you decide whether Windows 8.1 is a good fit for your
nonprofit's or library, we've come up with four questions for you to

Six Steps to Adopting Open-Source Software at Your Org

Practical ways to deploy and use open-source software

This article was adapted from TechSoup

By: NonProfit Open Source Initiative

August 16, 2006

Upgrading to Windows 7: Steps and Checklist

Tips for acquiring and upgrading to Microsoft’s latest operating system

By: Kevin Lo

November 4, 2011

Should You Upgrade to Windows 7?

Four questions to help decide if Windows 7 is right for your organization

By: Kevin Lo

November 4, 2011